Students and Residents

Jyo Suresh

PhD student - Computational Neuroscience
MS Computer Science Engr - Univ of Texas, Arlington
BS Computer Science Engr, India

Mature neuronal cultures (4-5 weeks old) develop spontaneous bursting activity that is reminiscent of seizures. I am interested in studying the synaptic mechanisms involved in the evolution of this seizure-like activity in cortical cell cultures as they mature. My motivation is to eventually come up with a technique that will minimize this seizure-like activity or at least prevent it from spreading to other areas. 

Tahra Eissa

PhD student - Computational Neuroscience
BS BioEngineering, Cornell University

Localization of epileptic foci has been one of the main difficulties in brain resection surgery for epilepsy. Using multiscale analyses including: multi-electrode arrays, slice electrophysiology, and computerized models, I am interested in determining the development of epileptic activity. Through a mechanistic understanding of seizure development, I hope to improve localization techniques.

Anita Bhansali

Neurosurgery Residency: University of Chicago, Chicago
MD, University of Washington, Seattle
BA, Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Elizaveta Okorokova

1st Year PhD student ( in rotation)
Univ of Chicago

Mark Saddler

3rd year, Undergraduate Biochemistry
Univ of Chicago

I am a third year undergraduate at the University of Chicago studying biochemistry and biology with a specialization in neuroscience. Using very technical approaches to tackle biological questions, especially about the brain and behavior, is fascinating to me. In the lab, I am learning computational neuroscience techniques and building simple models to simulate seizures in networks of neurons.

Graham Smith

PhD Student CNS
Advisors: Drs. JD Cowan and W v Drongelen